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School Closed

The Province of Alberta announced that K - 12 schools, including Preschools, are closed indefinitely to students.  As families, please be aware that you will be provided all information as it is made available. To answer a few questions at this point:

  • To quote Alberta Health "Student attendance at K to 12 schools is prohibited".  Recognizing students have personal belongings remaining at the school, please  understand that attendance at school is not allowed. If anyone has urgent personal items or medicines left at the school, please email Dorothy Monty at ( directly. We are in the midst of formulating a plan of how families can pick up their children’s educational materials as well. I will communicate this plan before the end of the day tomorrow.

  • We also cannot speculate about further school activities.  We will learn specifics as we move forward and will keep you informed as it is passed on to us.

  • Alberta Health indicated that students will move into the next grade and that Provincial Achievement Tests are cancelled. Term 2 report cards are scheduled to be emailed on March 23rd. This plan remains, although parent teacher interviews for March 25th are postponed indefinitely.

We will keep you informed of further developments, including ways in which we will endeavour to deliver education while students are away. As well, mental wellness and the state of the children is critical.  We will continue to have faith and hope during this difficult time. 

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